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VIDEO:  Introduction to Atomic Rush

Atomic Rush is an interactive game for children and adults!

Pick your color and touch the proper color to gain points and TICKETS!

Parents may participate with their children working as a team or competing.

  • Up to 4 individuals or 4 teams of two can compete!
  • The object of the game is to touch the pads lit with your chosen color.  The more touches, the higher the score and tickets!
  • There are 4 play stations, each with two panels. Each panel has 7 touch pads.
  • Insert Tokens for each player
  • Select the number of players
  • Select the game difficulty
    • Easy:  Player stays at one single station
    • Medium:  Player will be prompted to move to other play stations as game progresses.
    • Hard:  Player's color will light on all 4 play stations.  Warning:  This is intense!
  • Let the Fun Begin !
  • When the game ends, a score sheet is printed for each color with the number of tickets won!



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508-336-6262      1300 Fall River Ave. RT 6 Seekonk, MA