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We Need to make room! We are sworn to secrecy as to what is coming, but if you help us sell this fine merchandise, We promise to install it quicker! The following is for sale:
SARTORI SPACE TRAIN ! Made in Italy. Includes track, Main engine, 3 passenger cars, Power supply/timer, any spare parts we have available. This ride has been indoors since new. It is fully functional. Ride is timed and has a home switch. The ride continues until the timer expires, then stops after tripping the home switch. $ Best Reasonable Offer $ SARTORI ROAD YARD ! Made in Italy. Also called a "Convoy" type children's ride. Includes track, 2 Excavators, 3 Jeeps, and a Fire Truck! Also inside since new. Each vehicle has a motor which enable the train of trucks to climb the hill and continue along the course. $ Best Reasonable Offer $ Air Hockey: ICE Fast Track Air Hockey. We have 2 available in good condition. These have overhead scoring and overhead lights. Tables come with paddles and 2 new pucks. $895.00 Each or make an offer !
Coin Operated Kiddie Rides: We have a variety of working and not working kiddie rides including: Flintstones: Dino. Train - (looks like Thomas if painted blue!) Antique Car Tow Truck More !



508-336-6262      1300 Fall River Ave. RT 6 Seekonk, MA