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New Games added for the Fall 2019 Season: We've added several "new to Fantasyland" games to help round out our offerings. See descriptions below for hints on how to win! We also added a new interactive redemption game called Atomic Rush! It is so big, it has it's own page:
UPDATE 11/23: We just returned from the the most fun trade show on earth, The 2019 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo! If you can imagine all the rides, games, food, prizes, and surprises under one huge roof! (Actually, under 3 roofs, plus a parking lot full of rides!) We have more changes coming to Fantasyland - Stay Tuned!
New to Fantasyland are the Dead Heat Driving games. Race you friend through various street courses. These replace the Fast n Furious games. Color Match is a prize merchandising machine. Pick a color, then match that color around the wheel. Win a small prize, or continue to try for a large prize! Stack n Grab is also a prize merchandising machine. Win large stuffed animals! This is not a typical crane machine. You have to stack the blocks all the way into the "WIN LEVEL". If you win, you use the crane to pick out the prize of your choice!
Returning from a summer at the beach: Monster Drop! Drop the ball into the win holes or bounce it into the MONSTER JACKPOT hole for 1000+ tickets! Land the ball into the blue "Drop Bonus Balls" hole and the machine drops the number of balls shown on the "BONUS BALLS" display! Black Hole ! This machine is a favorite where ever it goes! Shoot the ball carefully to land in the JACKPOT hole. Not as easy as it looks! Too hard, and you win only 3 tickets! The French Crane is a 1936 vintage digger crane from Spring Lake Arcade. Aim first, then deposit your token to try to win some candy! We also brought back Medieval Madness, Star Trek and, new to Fantasyland, Jurassic Park Pinball! Terminator Video gun game also returns for the fall through spring seasons!


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